Token Utility

By holding $UNA, you have access to a wide variety of utilities that will drive demand for the DAO token as we incentivize short-term use-cases and long-term retention. The $UNA token is the lifeblood of the DAO, and we ensure that it flows all the time through the following utilities:

Participation in DAO governance

By holding even a single $UNA, you are eligible to participate in DAO governance via voting in the DAO governance forum. $UNA holders are entitled to make proposals, as well as agree or reject others' proposals. Use-cases of DAO proposals include:

  • Participate in new games via governance tokens and/or assets

  • Grant $UNA to third parties like for DAO contribution, e.g. to developer teams for maintaining the protocol

  • Manage smooth floor prices of $UNA through buy-back or release mechanics

  • Initiate humanitarian and social initiatives

  • Decide on guidelines & key principles for community management

Get staking rewards

Once the DAO and the corresponding $UNA are deployed, you will have opportunities to lock $UNA as liquidity to the pools of the DAO. Therefore, we have reserved a specific amount of tokens as staking rewards. Rewards will depend on your individually chosen lock-up period.

Eligibility for early-access NFT drops

Through pre-launch partnerships with game partners, Unbound Nation can offer exclusive and early-access to those games and their NFTs. We aim to provide $UNA holders with NFT airdrops from the games we partner with, as well as limited Unbound Nation NFTs we may create our business expands across new segments.

Holding a P&E governance index

Owning $UNA can be seen as holding an implicit governance index of a significant portion of the P&E industry. Backed by strong research and business intelligence, Unbound Nation holds a best-in-class P&E asset portfolio with increased yields and ROIs.

VIP access to limited offers

Depending on the amount of $UNA you are holding and the overall supply of the relevant offer, you may have VIP access to things like community events, brand initiatives, network events, etc.

Access to use Unbound Nation’s P&E platform as a third party

We let third parties profit from our top-notch tech stack through:

  • Accessibility as a guild manager

  • Asset deployment as an NFT owner

  • Special and limited in-game offers.

All related on-chain transactions may require $UNA to be processed.

Universal token for Unbound Nation’s P2E platform to enable interoperability

Soon, Unbound Nation scholars will be engaging with multiple games on different blockchains in parallel to increase their rewards and the DAOs yield. Handling multiple assets in parallel is complex and often requires high gas fees when it comes to transacting those, e.g., converting them on any exchange. This complexity also leads to increased friction when onboarding new people to the virtual economy as non-crypto-affine people could get stuck in setting up accounts or could even be victims of a scam. User experience needs to be as seamless as possible to let the virtual economy around gaming become mainstream. To enable this interoperability, our P&E platform will feature the ability to utilize $UNA as an exchange token for all in-game tokens that Unbound Nation is engaged with, letting all scholars only handle one-single currency.

Realizing partial ownership of NFTs

For most people, the initial cost of an NFT is a significant entry barrier to profit from holding digital assets in the virtual economy, even in developed regions like the EU or USA. On Dec 8, 2021, a plot of virtual land in The Sandbox was sold for $4.3 million, making it the most expensive digital real estate. Playing Axie Infinity requires several hundred dollars (depending on current market conditions) to set up your team. By providing partial ownership of NFTs in exchange for $UNA that is sent to a smart contract, we enable everybody in the world to own digital assets in any price range, emphasizing our belief in decentralized individual ownership.

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