Business Model

Unbound Nation sources and lends metaverse gaming NFTs for play-and-earn (P&E) activities to increase the overall yield of our AUM. The profits generated will be shared amongst guild members and the DAO treasury.

Unbound Nation will source NFTs in two ways:

  1. B2B partnerships, e.g. NFT funds (funds invested in gaming NFTs for asset appreciation)

  2. Unbound Nation's internal sourcing of gaming NFTs, ideally pre-launch

For Unbound Nation's DAO, we plan for it to be an early-stage partner to gaming companies and Venture Capital funds, mainly those that focus on asset appreciation.

Currently, we team up with institutional gaming NFT holders to combine the best of the two worlds. On top, we source early-stage to align goals and interests with our partners and leverage our portfolio. Unbound Nation is a crucial contributor to support gaming studios with expertise, liquidity, and a gamer base to gain initial traction.

Long-term, the DAO and the access to decentralized blockchain games will provide job opportunities in the virtual economy for all guild members with new income streams.

Furthermore, there is the opportunity to open up the DAO-owned P&E platform for third-party external access to create additional value streams, e.g. B2C gaming NFT holders, pay-to-play gamers, other guilds, etc. The platform will offer top-notch guild management, a central gateway to all games in Unbound Nation's games portfolio, with eased interoperability and seamless user experience.

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