Sub-DAOs will consolidate specific business activities to leverage people directly involved or impacted by specific business activities. Through this, engagement, enablement, contribution and participation will increase, letting Unbound Nation’s Main-DAO profit in the long term.

Each Sub-DAO will hold the assets specific to its business through its own treasury. Through proposals and voting in the Sub-DAO’s governance forum, every Sub-DAO drives its activities mainly autonomously. Therefore, each Sub-DAO will be tokenized, and tokens will be distributed in different portions to the community, the Main-DAO, and possibly third-party contributors.

The intention is to create direct and immediate incentives for the community to deploy the assets under management in the most efficient way. The specific ownership breakdown of each Sub-DAO’s token will be defined upon its launch. In order to align the overall goals of the Main-DAO with all Sub-DAOs, there is the plan to allocate and lock $UNA in each of the Sub-DAO’s treasuries.

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