Six Pillars of Success

Unbound Nation's Six Pillars of Success are as follows:

High growth: As the name reveals, Unbound Nation is a nation, not another gaming guild. Next to our proprietary asset growth, we seamlessly integrate third-party assets through B2B partnerships to bring community size to the next level and give more people the chance to benefit from the Unbound Nation DAO.

Operational Excellence: Yield is the fuel of the DAO. Lean scholarship management, gaming education, and increased asset utilization enabled by Unbound Nation's P&E platform are vital in generating a prosperous environment for gamers and DAO contributors.

Nation-like decentralized ecosystem: As a nation, we will provide corresponding benefits to our Metanauts by a never-seen ecosystem among P&E guilds. Benefits include decent reward share, access to education, DAO voting rights, and job opportunities beyond P&E. We want to leverage the stake of those who contribute to the DAO for future challenges in the virtual economy.

Top-notch P&E platform: Unbound Nation's platform is the operational backbone to enable scholarship management at a high scale and can be seen as the ERP system of the DAO. The community will allow interoperability across multiple games on different blockchains, e.g. a central NFT marketplace, a multi-wallet, an internal DEX, and many more future features.

Seamless participation for liquidity providers: It's part of our mission to be home for both gamers and contributors. We provide exposure to the blockchain gaming industry through operations of assets that third parties own in exchange for a reward share. This reduces the liquidity needed for our high-scale growth and benefits passive asset holders. Furthermore, there will be staking opportunities for those holding $UNA.

Collaborating instead of competing: Unbound Nation's highest priority is to shape and contribute to the metaverse and its virtual economy to disrupt the boundaries of today's physical and web 2.0 driven world. Therefore, we are reaching out our hands to all companions on this journey from other guilds over gaming studios and individual contributors to other third-party actors within the industry. Let's become unbound together and make our shared vision for a better virtual world come true.

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