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Introducing Unbound Nation

Unbound Nation is a GameFi DAO focused on early-stage sourcing and deployment of non-fungible token (NFT) gaming assets through lending procedures.
Unbound Nation offers scholarships where interested gamers - or scholars - use Unbound Nation's managed gaming NFTs to earn in-game tokens in exchange for a reward share. Unbound Nation will develop its P&E platform to support growth, provide proper self-services, and create additional revenue streams. This platform connects guild operations, scholars, games, DAO contributors, and token holders all in one place.
The global gaming market - having always been an early adopter for new technological innovations - consists of 3.6bn gamers worldwide and is foreseen to grow to more than $314bn by 2026.
Currently, there is a community of thousands of Metanauts, the members of our nation, that disrupts their way of personal and economic growth through play-and-earn (P&E) gaming, especially for those who are restricted by real-world boundaries and limitations such as:
  • little or no social security
  • limited access to banking (unbanked)
  • limited access to education
  • limited income to invest in their personal future
  • heavy segmentation between rich and poor
Unbound Nation will be transformed into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to give our community and contributors authority. The Unbound Nation DAO will be structured as one mainDAO that may govern several subDAOs across diverse segments across the P&E gaming industry. The DAO will be managed and developed through all individuals and parties that hold the DAO's $UNA token.
Through its acquisition of current and future gaming NFTs, Unbound Nation will offer all its scholars the opportunity to increase their earnings through multi-gaming. From a DAO contributor's perspective, holding an $UNA token can be seen as having an index of the blockchain gaming industry.
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